10 aspects where Xiaomi Mi 5 beats OnePlus 3

Thinking about buying One plus 3? Then just hold on. Following points will surely make you reconsider it.
Xiaomi Mi 5 has an upper hand on OP3 when it comes to these divisions.

1. Metal + Glass Combination

mi 5 metal + glass
With its metal and glass body plus the 3d glass design, the Mi5 stands out of the crowd when it comes to design. Sturdiness and design makes a difference in this competition.

2. Internal Storage

With no external sd card support for both the phones, the thing where Mi5 completely beats OP3 is the whopping 128 Gigs of internal storage. Compared to this, OP3 offers half the size of what the Mi5 does.

3. Sapphire lens

When it comes to camera, you cannot ignore the lenses. Compared to the normal camera lens on the OP3, Mi5 comes with sapphire lens which not only gives clearer and sharper shots but also adds protection.

4. Infrared Port

Infrared port
Equipped with the Infrared port, Mi5 can be used as a controller for a range of devices like TV and DVD players,etc. OP3 lacks this port which also allows data transfer.

5. Wifi Bands

With the support to dual channel wifi bands, Mi5 offers higher speed with its 5 Ghz frequency which the OP3 lacks clearly. Provided you have the router with same band support.

6. Attractive Prices

Xiaomi did a pretty good job at keeping the price factor under control. While the base version of OP3 costs nearly 400$, the Mi5 offers a great value deal .It base version of 3 Gb,32 Gb costs just around 300$.

7. Lighter and Narrower

While the OP3 looks wider,build factors such as light body and a narrower for the Mi5 makes the phone more convenient to use.

8. Camera features

A good camera is not just about the hardware but its about the duo of the hardware and software. Mi5 offers some great camera features like selfie timer, smile detection, macro mode and comes with dual led flash and ‘deep trench isolation’ features which are absent on OP3.

9. Colour options

mi 5 colour
Currently available in 3 different colors, the Mi5 looks stunning in the white, black and gold.People who love style watch for the buying factor! Because aesthetics, they do matter.

10. Brightness

Mi5 has an advantage when you are out in the broad daylight. It has a maximum brightness of 600 nits which is far better than Op3’s 413 nits which gives better readability.

Competition brings quality and innovation while Xiaomi Mi5 sets the bar for it. Oneplus 3 is a tough competitor but the above differences leave their mark.

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