$10 off COUPON Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Car Charger from Geekbuying

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Valid from Tuesday 16th August 2016 to Thursday 15th September 2016

$10 off Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Car Charger from Geekbuying
$10 off Xiaomi Roidmi 2S Car Charger from Geekbuying


Music bluetooth car charger

Hand-free calls,music playing,navigation broadcast,car charger,battery monitor 5 in 1

New bluetooth car charger,bright new upgraded

Double mode of bluetooth 4.2 chip,conversion effeciency is up to 95%.

Wireless projection,automatic connection

MIC version car charger,bluetooth phone,safe and convenient

Listen to massive high-quality network audio at anytime.

Fully upgraded APP,you can fell more suprise continuously.

Fully improve the quality of music

Empty table scanning,intelligent background noise reduction.

Intelligent car charger

With a strong charging chip,underthe elegant surface.

Fully optmize the charging efficiency

PK your original charger

High-quality circuit main control chip from AnaNaviTek

Using the high quality DC/DC master control chip designed by AnaNaviTek.Not only provide 8 circuits’protection,but also fully improve the charging effeciency

Safte car current using,start from the high quality material

High-quality staniless steel,more safe full touch clamping electrode technique.

Refined stainless steel electrode,same as the Apple Watch’s surface.

Use the same technology of mobile phone

Intergrate into the car interior style.Disposable seamless injection molding.

Car gauge retardant anti-aging

High standard retardant,effective prevention of the fire hazards.

Strict with the process of technology

Average normal working time is up to 20 thousand hours.

Compatible with mainstream brands

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