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Huawei Honor AM510 Mini Speaker wireless rechargeable

Huawei Honor AM510 Mini Speaker wireless rechargeable
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Product Description

● Honor AM510 cube speaker

Minimalist design, hand grip, hanging rope design; Built-in lithium battery compatible with> 4 hours of music playback and>3 hours

Bass of high volume / grip of a single hand / stereo Double

● Heavy bass, high volume, subwoofer without problems

The Rubik’s Cube speaker has a full frequency 3 W horn, great dynamic effect, a powerful sound; The independent bass diaphragm at the bottom is designed to make the bass more powerful. No problem with the large volume and the heavy Bass.

● It can be held in one hand, as practical as carrying a mobile phone

It weighs less than 120G and is as practical as carrying a mobile phone. Rugged braided rope design for a more portable suspension.

● Dual stereo for fast home cinema

Double click on one of the keys, near the easy connection, left and right channel combination, surround effect experience. You can connect your phone, tablet and laptop to create your own home theater.

● A key to answer calls, convenient call

Calls can be answered directly through the loudspeaker, no matter in the meeting room, car, kitchen, bathroom, etc., you can enjoy the freedom to free your hands.

● Full of electricity, leaves the ear full of addictions

Strong lithium battery, can play 4 hours continuously, excellent continuous power, free to listen.


Product Specifications

General Brand: Huawei

Model: Honor AM510

Rated power: Classification of the machine 1,8 w, classification of the speaker 3 w

Speaker: 40mm diameter

Microphone: 1MIC

Bluetooth: 4.2

Battery: 660 mAh

Connector: Micro USB

Dimensions and Weight Size: 54 * 54 * 55mm

Weight: 120g


Package Contents

1 X Huawei Honor AM510 Mini Speaker wireless rechargeable


Package Details

Package Weight: 150g

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