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€129 with coupon for Xiaomi AX6000 AloT Router WiFi 6 Router 6000Mbps 7*Antennas Mesh Networking 4K QAM 512MB MU-MIMO Wireless Wifi Router from EU CZ warehouse BANGGOOD

Xiaomi AX6000 AloT Router

Xiaomi AX6000 AloT Router
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€129 €229
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-Mi Wi-Fi 6 Router AX6000,Wi-Fi 6E Version, 6000Mbps High Speed Upgrade.

-4×4 160MHz, 1 times faster than before. 4K QAM, 20% speed up.

-2500M Ethernet ports, full speed experience beyond gigabit.

-6-Independent external high performance signal amplifiers, WiFi6 super coverage of the whole house.

-Mesh networking, enjoy high speed Wi-Fi 6 throughout the house.

-Quickly connect to Xiaomi smart devices.

-Exclusive acceleration for Xiaomi devices, automatically recognize the game scene.

-MU-MIMO + OFDMA. Multi-device simultaneous transmission.

-512MB large memory, 248 devices online at the same time.

-Innovative three-sided heat dissipation design, stay calm 7×24 hours, say goodbye to low frequency, offline.

-WiFi password change synchronization, Xiaomi smart device reconnected, 0 operations needed.

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