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€199 with coupon for 360 S8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner LIDAR SLAM 2700Pa Suction 2 in1 Vacuuming Mopping 360ml Dustbin 320ml 3-Level Water Tank Multifloor Map Management Edge from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

360 S8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

360 S8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€199 €399

Xiaomi 360 S8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Cleaning Function, 2700 Pa Suction, Alexa, Wi-Fi Floor Scrubber, Multi Floor Mapping, Laser Electric Broom, Vacuum and Lava for Animal Hair, Floors. You must have it in you home!


Make Cleaning Easier Than Ever with Smart Navigation

S8 is equipped with LiDAR SLAM navigation system and anti-collision sensors to intelligently detect and avoid obstacles. It maps your room and plans the optimal cleaning path in real-time, ensuring easy cleaning even in complex scenarios.

Multi-floor Map Management

The S8 provides a multi-floor map management through app, it can save at most 5 maps plus 5 recent maps, you move the robot to a room where the map has been saved for cleaning, it will automatically switch to the map, and it can automatically switch to your room wifi even.

Increased Suction Power on Carpet

Thanks to a maximum suction power of 2,700 Pa and 4 adjustable suction levels, S8 effectively gets rid of pet hair, dust, dirt and debris from the floor. It can recognize carpets and automatically boost the suction power to its max for deep cleaning with a 360 ml dustbin. It also comes with a 320 ml 3-level electric water tank that automatically sprays the right amount of water to mop the hard floor, ensuring thorough cleaning of every corner of your home.

Clean Every Corner of Your Room with Edge Cleaning

S8 effectively and thoroughly cleans every corner of your room, whether it’s under the furniture, along the edges of walls, or around the chair legs.

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