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Wokesmart W – RFB01 Fridgmate – SILVER
App Control Fridge Ionic Food Freshener Preserver Ozone Anion Sterilizer Deodorizer Tool
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This Wokesmart W – RFB01 Fridgmate is a smart fridge ozonizer. Ozone and negative ion dual modes can kill 96.26pct bacteria, provide a health area for food. With APP control, you can check bacteria residue anytime, anywhere, more convenient to use. It helps keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and extends the lifespan of all your pesticide foods.

Wokesmart W - RFB01 Fridgmate
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$38.99 $50.69
$38.99 only for Wokesmart W – RFB01 Fridgmate from GearBest

Wokesmart W - RFB01 Fridgmate

Main Features:
Dual Mode Sterilization:
– Ozone and negative ion dual mode sterilization kill 96.26pct bacteria. Dual mode sterilizations kill bacteria in the air and on the interior surface, letting you say goodbye to diarrhea / stomachache caused by psychrophilic bacteria.

Deodorization Expert:
– With bacteria decomposition, it is a much more efficient deodorizer than other products like bamboo charcoal working by passive adsorption. A refrigerator with good smell always starts your day with the sweet smile.

Freshness Extender:
– Fridgmate doubles the shelf life of your food like fruit and vegetable to reduce food waste and also speeds up the degradation of potential pesticide residue. Smart self-management keeps a low concentration of ozone.

Smart APP Control:
– As the smart fridge robot, it has smart APP to check bacteria residue, the health status of today and the past week, as well as remaining power and working day estimation. You could also set smart frequency and working time of deep sterilization.

How to Use:
– Charge the product via USB cable (power adapter not included).
– Scan the code or download APP via searching “WokeSmart” in App Store or Google Play.
– Press the power button to turn it on, with the blue light flashing once per 2 seconds.
– Set the volume of your fridge on APP.
– Put it into your fridge to work at air sterilization modes.
– Press the blue button once a week to access deep sterilization modes for at least 2 hours.

APP Smart Control:
– Check real-time bacteria residue.
– Check the healthy status of today or the past week.
– Low power indicator and remaining working time estimation.
– Set smart frequency and operating time of deep sterilization mode.

LED indicator:
– Normal operation: Flashing blue once per 2 seconds.
– Turned off: No indicator light.
– Charging: Flashing green.
– Fully charged: Green color.
– Low power: Flashing red.

– Charging port: Micro USB.
– Fridge space: 20 – 1200L.
– Working temperature: 14 – 122 Deg.F ( -10 – 50 Deg.C ).
– Ozone release: 10mg/h.
– Support Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 or above, all iOS.
– Transmission distance: 26 feet.

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