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Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Racing RC Quadcopter – ARF – YELLOW 191977601
More than 230km/h 5.8G FPV Self-balancing Altitude Hold Mode

Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Racing RC Quadcopter
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$259.99 $305.38
$45.39 off COUPON for IDEAFLY GRASSHOPPER F210 Racing RC Quadcopter from GearBest

You can hop to catch up with your fellows by grabbing this opportunity! The Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Professional Racing RC Quadcopter, which boasts a super high speed of 230km/h, has been invented by Ideafly, Flycolor and Gearbest, and intended for those who want to participate in the professional race.
We have researched for 6 months, revised the structural drawing for 5 times and made 10 samples to finalize the grasshopper design, for which we have already got an appearance patent.


Main Features:

  •  Amazing high speed of 230km/h. Faster than any other copter, it is an incredible frontrunner.
  • Premium carbon fiber frame. Made of sturdy and durable carbon fiber, the upper board is 1.5mm thick, while the thickness of the arms and the board beneath them is 3.5mm.
  • F3 10DOF flight controller with barometer and compass, which delivers you fantastic flight experience thanks to its next-generation CPU, no-compromise I/O, developer-friendly GUI, and compatibility with Oneshot. Enjoy having fun with one of the most excellent flight controllers.
  • Brilliant 2205 2300KV motors. With imported bearings processed through CNC and 100% dynamic balance, each of them can generate a thrust of up to 1,000g.
  • Responsive ESCs. The ultralight Flycolor RAPTOR 390 BLHeli 2 – 4S 30A OPTO ESCs incorporate the most state-of-the-art MOS and 3-in-1 IC chip, which enable them to respond in no time. It supports setting parameters via BLheli software directly by connecting the F3 flight controller. You can set the parameters of 4 ESCs at the same time.
  • Acceleration-indicating headlight. The brightness of the headlight varies according to the accelerator. The headlight flashes constantly, thus you can easily know how fast your copter will fly by glancing at the light.





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