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AF5 1400W 220V 15L Air Fryer 360° Surround Heating Digital LCD Display Hot Oven Cooker with Removable Dishwasher Safety Basket 

AF5 1400W 220V 15L Air Fryer
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€74 €129


–Using fast-heating cyclones to cook healthy low-fat versions of your favorite foods, using almost no oil

–360° surround heating, the meat is fully cooked without being raw

–The air fryer with fast hot air circulation system allows your food to be cooked in all directions, heated evenly, with little or no oil. Reduce fat and be healthier.

–Removable dishwasher safety basket. The air fryer is equipped with a detachable dishwasher-safe non-stick coating cooking basket and pot, and is designed with a button guard to prevent accidental movement of the basket and pot. It is easy to transfer hot food to the plate, so please feel free to enjoy your cooking time and food without worrying about safety issues.

–Digital LCD display. Independent temperature control and intuitive cooking timer with easy-to-use digital display.

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