Apple Officially Gave Up iTunes! How To Sync iPhone and iPad to Mac?

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Recently, Apple officially released the new system Mac OS Catalina, which pushes updates for all compatible devices. It is reported that Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air released after 2012, the MacBook, 2013 Mac Pro, iMac Pro, and upcoming 2019 Mac Pro support the Mac OS Catalina system.

A major change in the new system is the elimination of iTunes. It is split into three separate applications: Apple Music, Podcast, and TV.


Therefore, the way to back up, update and restore iPhone, iPad and other devices is different.

It is reported that the function of iTunes backup on the iPhone and iPad has also been taken over by Finder. After connecting to the iOS device, it will appear in the Finder sidebar like any other external drive, and it is very convenient to directly backup, restore and synchronize.

The specific method is as follows:

  1. Use a Lightning or USB-C cable to plug in your iPhone or iPad and connect to your Mac.
  2. If it does not open automatically, please, launch Finder;
  3. Find the connected iPhone or iPad in the sidebar under ‘Location’ on the left.


Here is a screenshot of the connected iPhone or iPad in Mac OS Catalina:


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