Apple Reportedly Bundles New iPhones With AirPods Next Year

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As you know, TWS is a fully wireless headset, such as Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. There are rumors that Apple and other smartphone makers, including Samsung and Xiaomi plan to standardize TWS headsets for new phones next year.

However, the authenticity of this news is still to be verified. This is especially suspicious of Apple. Its AirPods price is as high as $159. So it is quite difficult to imagine that when they release a new phone next year, it will come in a bundle with the AirPods. We mean it will make the new iPhone’s price even higher.

Apple Airpods

However, the Apple AirPods headsets are very popular among consumers. Since millions of consumers are willing to pay for them, why should Apple give them away for free? Apple’s new AirPods Pro has become one of the best-selling TWS on the market. Moreover, there have been reports that Apple plans to double its output.

In the past few years, the earphones included with the iPhone are all EarPods wired earphones with a Lightning interface. The product cost is very low, and the retail price on Apple’s official website is only $29.

Although the truth of the news is yet to be determined, one thing is certain: Apple is likely to consider giving consumers other than EarPods when they buy an iPhone. At present, AirPods has become the best-selling all-wireless headset in the world. If Apple really comes with this headset in the new iPhone, its market share will undoubtedly be higher.

If Apple does take this approach, it is likely that only the highest-priced iPhone 12 Pro models will be offered this benefit. It is still 10 months before Apple launches a new phone, and the specific situation will gradually become clear in the next few months.

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