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€43 with coupon for Baseus GaN3 Pro 100W 5-Port Desktop Power Strip Charger, 2AC+2U+2C Quick Charge PD USB Type-C Fast Charging from ALIEXPRESS

Baseus GaN3 Pro 100W 5-Port Desktop Power Strip Charger – Power up your office with just the one.

Baseus GaN3 Pro 100W 5-Port Desktop Power Strip Charger
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GaN Technology
Upgraded GaN3 technology offers a higher chip integration and power conversion, making the power strip much more powerful and smaller. The modular divisional cooling solution makes it charges multiple devices simultaneously without overheating.
100W Output with 5 Sockets
AC/DC with 5 output ports, satisfying all your power needs, which is the perfect solution to lacking output ports and messy chunky chargers.
Max 100W power output with 2 Type-C ports, it can fast charge your laptops in a snap.
Simultaneous Charging for 5 Devices 
Powerful BPS technology offers an intelligent and automatic match of output current, voltage, and power, dynamically allocating power for 5-port output at the same time.
Multi-Protocols Certified Fast Charging for Various Phones 
It supports multiple fast charging protocols certified, like Huawei 22.5W, Samsung 45W, Xiaomi 27W, and more.
Safety Protections 
Built-in electric shock-proof design, protecting you from electric shock caused by the accidental plug-in of metal or fingers.
Inflaming Retarding Material 
Heat-resistant PC material to ensure safety when charging simultaneously with all outlets. GWIT is no less than 750 Celsius (GWIT: glow wire ignition temperature).
Compact Design
The mini and compact space-saving design bring it high portability, satisfying your charging needs anytime anywhere.
1.5m Power Cord
The 1.5m thick extension cable is upgraded to a 1.5mm2 conductor, and the core is thicker, the overheating is lower, and the use is safer.

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