Best Smart Robot Vacuums of 2019: Choose Yours

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One of the very early smart home appliances we saw on the market was the robotic vacuum cleaner. That time, the smart cleaners were designed either by top brands like Samsung or by those that were specializing in making only products for this niche. However, currently, there is a number of brands that are not traditional cleaner makers but they offer cost-effective products. Among them, we can find Xiaomi that is perfect in manufacturing any kind of digital product. Also, we should mention 360, which has been known as a smartphone maker, but now, it is switching to the smart home industry. Lenovo is also involved in making smart cleaners. And at last, we would like to include Alfawise into this list. As for us, Alfawise is following the same business model as Xiaomi. We mentioned these brands not accidentally. Currently, GearBest is running an ad campaign for the smart cleaners made by them. And they are considered to be the best smart robot vacuums of 2019.

best smart robot vacuums of 2019

In the promotion, we can find the Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max, the 360 S7, the Alfawise V10 Max, the Alfawise V8S Pro, and the Lenovo X1. If the latter and the first Alfawise vacuum cleaners are launched recently, the others have been on the market for a while.

Anyways, the Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max and the Lenovo X1 are considered to be the top-end models. Thus, they sport a decent specs list. The 360 S7 is a mid-ranger. And the other two are entry-level devices. This can be also reflected in their prices. If the high-end robot vacuums are priced at around $430, the 360’s model costs $370. And the entry-level smart cleaners cost around or below $200.

However, they are considered to be the best smart robot vacuums of 2019 and this means they are good not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of performance. Just get acquainted with their key features, and you will see they are the best offers nowadays.

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