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€1654 with coupon for BEZIOR X-PLUS Electric Bike 1500W Motor 48V 17.5Ah Battery 26*4.0 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bike 40Km/h Max Speed 200kg Load 130KM Range LCD Display IP54 Waterproof from EU PL warehouse GEEKBUYING

Bezior X Plus 1500W Electric Fat Bike Mountain Bike is the top end product from the famous company BEZIOR. The fat tyre XPLUS is powered by a powerful 1500W a power and strengh combination that will allow you to cycle smoothly over the worst terrain. Shipping is free from EU warehouse, expect delivery in 5 days.

BEZIOR X-PLUS Electric Bike
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€1654 €2499
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1500W High Speed Brushless Motor 
The 48V 1500W high-speed brushless motor is light in weight and improves energy efficiency conversion rate, which is reflected in reducing energy consumption and silent energy consumption while increasing cruising range, improving speed performance and climbing performance.
Powerful 17.5Ah Lithium Battery
48V17.5Ah power supply 18650 lithium battery pack, completely hidden inside the frame, waterproof and dustproof, double protection, strong output, always stable. Pure electric can reach 50-60KM and auxiliary riding can reach 110-130KM, providing sufficient power output for riding and free riding.
Removable Battery Pack, Easy to Charge
Upgrade 3a wired fast charging to prevent overcharging. It can be directly connected to the charging hole of the vehicle body, and the battery can be removed independently for charging.
Easy Mode to Get Started
Just turn the handle to enter the pure electric mode. X-plus is equipped with a 1500w brushless high-speed motor, speed regulation, and powerful power will be provided to you in time!
Three Riding Modes
Built-in 3 riding modes, easily switch according to the gear and mode, BEZIOR X-plus can calmly deal with the needs of different riding scenes.
Brings New Riding Fun
Built-in 5-level power assist mode, this mode can be adjusted by the button of the instrument, output from low power mode to high power mode, and intelligently detect each step—depth sensing pedal strength and rotation speed, helping to ride more comfortably.
S900 Smart LCD Meter
X-PLUS device intelligent LCD instrument, new interactive interface, LCD, integrated gear switch, bicycle data viewing, power output setting.

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