Black Shark 2 Spotted In AnTuTu Again: Normal Mode Score Is Lower

We know the Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone will be officially uncovered on March 18 in Beijing. The poster reveals the design elements of this handset that are in line with the previously leaked images. Last night, the alleged next-gen Black Shark smartphone leaked in the AnTuTu database. Its score reached astonishing 430,000 points. But as you guess, this is a lab mode score, while the actual points should be lower. Anyways, the Black Shark smartphones have always been on the top of the AnTuTu list. Due to the great optimization, they are a head higher than most of their competitors. So it’s quite reasonable the new model will provide better performance than other Snapdragon 855-powered smartphones.

As for today, the Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone leaked in the same benchmark. It’s said this is the score of normal mode. Thus, without the boost, it can reach 359,973 points. However, compared with the previous 430,000, the score gap is a bit big. This model is equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, and runs on Android 9 system.

Black Shark 2 AnTuTu

Previously, a model called ‘Black Shark’ ‘AAA’ appeared in the GeekBench database. The RenderScript 3D rendering score was 7889 points and the memory was 12GB.

It was also reported that the new model of Black Shark with a model of SKW-A0 appeared in the 3C certification page not long ago. The manufacturer is Wisdom Haipai Technology Co., Ltd. The date of issuance is February 25, and the phone comes standard with a 27W charger (MDY-10-EH). The top version of the new Black Shark 2 will sport the 855+12GB memory combinations along with the Snapdragon 855, and it will add new features like the Mi Game Turbo. As for the shape, the chin is about 5mm (the Mi 9’s chin is 3.6mm).

Not long ago, Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Peter announced through Weibo that the Black Shark 2 will be soon released and it will come with a liquid cooling 3.0 technology, namely the tower-type global liquid cooling system.

That’s all we know at this moment.

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