Bluboo X To Come With iPhone X-like Features and Look

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When Apple and Samsung launch new handsets, many second-class manufacturers begin copying them. Many even do not pay attention to those smartphones. But actually, this is not bad for customers with low incomes, because they can’t afford themselves to get their hands on top brand devices. Bluboo is one of those companies that always launch handsets looking like top brand models. When Samsung launched its much-popular Galaxy S8, the aforementioned company came in with the Bluboo S8+. This was a great offer for those who want to acquire a cheap Galaxy S8 clone. A few months back Apple announced the iPhone X with a unique full-screen dubbed as the bangs display. Though there are too many full-screen smartphones, none of them uses this technology. This is going to change in the nearest future with the release of the Bluboo X.

Bluboo S8+

According to the leaked information and the photos, the Bluboo X will sport a bangs screen like its founding father, the iPhone X. It is said to be at 5.99 inches, to use an AMOLED technology, and to provide a Full HD+ resolution. Apart of this, the Bluboo X is said to support facial recognition like the Face ID.

Bluboo X

However, there are a few differences as well. The Bluboo X will come with a 21MP dual-camera placed in the upper middle part. It will use metal and glass. There are not many physical buttons, but they are placed on the right side. It’s supposed the fingerprint reader will be located under the unlock key. At last, the Bluboo X will sport a 5500mAh large capacity battery.

Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the processor and memory combination. But it’s supposed they will correspond the rest of features. So if the Bluboo X comes with such a look and features, and is priced too low, it will be one of the best iPhone X alternatives.

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