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Cat Water Dispenser / Smart Automatic Drinking Fountain/ Timing & APP control

Cat Water Dispenser
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1.Self-developed Silent Pump: With the help of the self-developed silent pump, the cat water dispenser will work quietly throughout the day. There is no noise. When the device detects water shortage, the smart pet fountain will automatically shut down.
2.Large Capacity: Designed as a large capacity of 2.5L of water, it is enough to accommodate cats, dogs and other pets of various sizes to drink for a few days. Easily check the water level through the transparent window.
3.Timing and Control: The timing and the control of the mobile APP circulating water system greatly increase the oxygen content of the water body. The cloud timing switches the water supply time, saves energy consumption, and extends the service life of the filter.
4.Effective Working Performance: Equipped with activated carbon and resin purification material filter layer, it can effectively purify and soften water quality such as residual chlorine, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances. The filter layer can be replaced regularly, which greatly improves the taste of drinking water and encourages pets to drink more water.
5.Low-power Water Delivery Scheme: The low-power water delivery scheme adopts imported non-inductive motor, no noise, long life, and intelligent power-off protection is added to avoid potential safety hazards to pets due to leakage of electricity.

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