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CATLINK CL-03 Automatic Cat Litter Pot, DC 12V 5W Auto-Sensing Mode One-Click Empty, 13L Capacity, Double Seal Deodorization

CATLINK CL-03 Automatic Cat Litter Pot
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Auto-Sensing Mode
The machine senses that the last cat goes to the toilet, leave it for 3 minutes, and then automatically cleans it up (making sure the cat has jumped out). The cat litter has been absorbed for a long time and clumped, which will achieve the best use effect and will not produce sticky bottom.

13L Storage Bin
CATLINK cat litter box adopts a 13L super large storage design, 2-3 cats can be used for 7 days, and a single cat can be used for about 14 days, so you don’t need to worry about shoveling feces during travel.

Double Seal Deodorization 
Sealed outside can ensure high tightness, effectively preventing the odor from spreading. Deodorizes inside the warehouse and has good adsorption performance. The small space of the cat litter box can give full play to its strong adsorption capacity, eliminate peculiar smells, absorb moisture and prevent moisture.

Manual Mode
The pet owner can observe the color, shape, and nature of the cat feces first, and then start the manual cleaning mode with one button. The machine starts cleaning without manual shoveling. While being convenient for oneself, the cat’s health problems will not be ignored.

One-Click Empty
When you want to replace the cat litter completely, empty all the cat litter with one click, clean your hands and avoid discomfort caused by flying dust, and keep your home environment tidy.

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