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CATLINK CL-W01 2.3L Smart Pet Fountain Dispenser, Cat Dog Puppy Drinking Bowl Feeder, Ultra-Quiet Pump, App Remote Control

CATLINK CL-W01 2.3L Smart Pet Fountain Dispenser
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€49 €169

1. Features a 5V low voltage, ultra-quiet brushless water pump, and stable structure, this smart pet fountain dispenser can offer a comfortable water drinking environment for your cats and is not easy to turn over.

2. With a 2.3L large capacity, the water dispenser can provide water for almost two weeks if calculated as 40-60ml per kilogram per cat per day.

3. Adopts waterproof and rustproof material and original semi-surrounding baffle, it is durable and long-lasting. Anti-dry burning power-off protection and low water level automatic power-off function ensures pet drinking water safety.

4. It features continuous spring, intermittent spring, smart fountain, and flushing mode, simulating the surging state of a variety of active springs, to meet the needs of different scenarios. And you can control the pet fountain dispenser through the smart APP.

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