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CATLINK SCOOPER Pro AI Voice Smart Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Fully Automatic Cat Toilet UV Sterilization Microwave Radar Removable Filter APP Remote Control

CATLINK SCOOPER Pro AI Voice Smart Cat Litter Box
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€521 €699
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App Remote Control and 4 Intelligent Modes
Features automatic shit shoveling, manual shoveling, shovel shit regularly, and one-click clearance, CATLINK SCOOPER Pro cats litter box can cover a variety of situations, and master cat health at your fingertips.
Real-time Toilet Data Analysis 
The cat toileting data will be uploaded to the CATLINK cloud data center in real-time. You can gain insight into the cat’s abnormality through the health analysis report and discover the cat’s physiological hidden disease earlier.
Multi-cat Intelligent Identification
After the CATLINK APP binds the cat’s identity information for the first time, it can identify and distinguish each cat.
Double UV Sterilization 
UVA+UVC ultraviolet sterilization is a two-pronged approach, which effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds, and other microorganisms, making cats feel more at ease when going to the toilet.
Record Broadcast
Support connection to smart speakers such as Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, Xiaoai, etc. Broadcast daily records, one sentence to understand cats’ status.

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