Cinepeer C11 Powered by Zhiyun Gimbal Review – The Best Gimbal for the Price?

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Gimbals are a very interesting accessory for those who want to record some good footage by simply using their smartphone. The gimbal does indeed allow you to almost totally remove one of the problems of shooting with a handheld smartphone and that is bad stabilization.

Today we have a closer look at a new very interesting and affordable gimbal, the Cinepeer C1 Powered by Zhiyun.


  • Size: 118mm*105mm*285mm
  • Camera Integration: No
  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • Rolling Angle: 320
  • Titling Angle: 320
  • Panning Angle: 300
  • App Setting: Yes
  • Type: handheld gimbal
  • Support Remote Control: Yes
  • Vertical Shooting: Yes
  • Weight (g): 440
  • Number of Axes: 3-Axis
  • Material: Plastic
  • Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 6.0 inch
  • Charging for Mobile Device: Yes

Cinepeer C11 by Zhiyun Gimbal Review – The Best Gimbal for the Price?

Cinepeer C11 by Zhiyun Gimbal Review

Let’s start with the design, which is pretty simple for a gimbal. We indeed find the main grip, with various buttons on top. These include the one to turn off / turn on, the button to change modes and the button to zoom in and zoom out.

Meanwhile for inputs, we have a microUSB port for charging and an USB Type-A port to reverse charge your smartphone if you so desired.

The gimbal then has a two knobs, one to increase or decrease the length of the arm according to your smartphone size and weight, along with another knob to change the position of the phone holder. This means you can both set up your handset horizontally or vertically.

Overall, the accessory feels very solid, it’s not too heavy and it’s easy to handle; thus no complains here.

Cinepeer C11 by Zhiyun Gimbal Review

Now, as far as usability is concerned, while the manufacturer specifies the smartphone should have a maximum screen size of 6-inch and 200 grams of weight. We managed to use it just fine with a 6.59-inch phone that weighed around 201 grams. So, if you own a bigger modern phone you shouldn’t worry too much about the dimensions, as long as it fits of course.

Software Features

The Cinepeer C1 comes with various modes such as a Following mode, Lock mode, Full Following mode and POV mode. These are all basic modes you find on any gimbal and they all work as expected.

Cinepeer C11 by Zhiyun Gimbal Review

Additionally, once you start the ZY app and pair it with the gimbal, you get many more functions. Including Panorama, Timelapse and Motion Timelapse among the most interesting. The latter of the two features allows you to record some pretty amazing videos with your smartphone by panning it automatically and recording video at the same time. You can check out what the 180° Pan Motion Timelapse looks like in the video review.

Through the ZY App (yes, the same as for Zhiyun gimbals), you can also set the tracking on a subject which the gimbal will then follow automatically and it will let you zoom in and out with the buttons on the grip. Basically you can recreate the famous Vertigo effect by zooming out while getting closer to the subject.

If you want to see the Gimbal in action, check out our video review below:

Battery wise, the Cinepeer C11 lasted around 11 hours, which is what was claimed on the website. This is thanks to the large 4000mAh capacity battery we find inside; one of the largest in a gimbal.

Cinepeer C11 by Zhiyun Gimbal Review

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a very affordable gimbal to shoot videos on your smartphone, the Cinepeer C1 is the way to go. Even more so given that their collaboration with Zhiyun, one of the best gimbal brands around the globe, should keep the software always updated.

You can get the Cinepeer C11 gimbal powered by Zhiyun on Gearbest for $89.99


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