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€1548 with coupon for CYSUM M900 Fat Tire Electric Bike 48V 1000W Brushless Gear Motor 17Ah Removable Battery for 50-70 Range from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

CYSUM M900 Fat Tire Electric Bike is ready to take you to places you have never imagined to be so easy to reach. It has power-assisted mode and sports mode, using different gears you can save effort. Accelerate the rotating knob to accelerate, turn to the maximum position for 8 seconds to enter the constant speed endurance.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes of Cysum electric bike have good braking effect and responsiveness and the emergency brake will not lock. When the power off brake stops the power supply to the motor at the moment of braking, the brake is faster and safer.

CYSUM M900 Fat Tire Electric Bike
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€1548 €2299


48V*1000W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

The brush-less gears carry the latest developed inner ring, which provides high temperatures resistance and faster heat dissipation, in order to slow down the motor magnet’s attenuation speed and guarantee a longer life expectancy. At the same time, the 1000 W of power generation provides powerful torque and makes it easier for you to conquer the rugged terrain.

48V*17AH Panasonic/LG Removable Lithium-ion Battery

M-900 collocates with a 48 V, 17 ah Panasonic/LG removable lithium-ion battery, which can last 70 km by fully charged. The battery is also equipped with a 5 V 1 Amp USB port, which provides convenience for your mobile charging to secure your travel.

5-Speed LCD Display

LCD display controller provides the information of speed(km/h or MPH), mileage, speed class, and battery, which can help you out of the upcoming problem. The adjustable speed limit means you can flexibly adjust the fastest speed as you want.

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