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€359 with coupon for 2PCS DCCMS Underwater Scooter Set 10kgf Propulsion 20M Diving Thruster Waterproof Electric Swimming Equipment For Water Sports Diving Snorkelling Sea Adventures from EU CZ warehouse BANGGOOD

2PCS DCCMS Underwater Scooter

2PCS DCCMS Underwater Scooter
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● The wearable underwater scooter only needs to be fixed on the arm. When you need to start it, you only need to clench your fist to control the accelerator to start, which can free your hands and allow your palms to perform more operations underwater.

● You can operate the power switch in the water, turn off the power directly when not in use, turn on the power switch when you need to start, wait for 1 second after the motor self-test is completed, and then pull the throttle to move forward.

● This product is recommended to be used in shallow water areas, which can allow users to swim more freely in shallow water areas. The deepest use limit is not more than 20 meters. If you are a professional scuba diver you can use it within 20 meters.

● The thrust of a single scooter is only 5KG, and the test power is only 0.8 meters per second according to the human weight of 70KG. So a single scooter can only have a boosting effect for adults, and children can go faster.

● The thrust of the two scooters is 10KG, and the test power is 2.2 meters per second according to the human body weight of 70KG. It can easily push the forward speed of adults underwater.

● The energy of Feiyu I underwater scooter is 118WH, which exceeds the upper limit of carry-on on the plane, but it can be brought on the plane as long as it is declared with the airport security personnel, and there is no need to check in.


● After using in seawater or fresh water, rinse with clean water, and place it in a cool and dry place to dry.

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