Dual-Driver ACIL H1 Makes Tough Competition To Top-Branded Models

While many are looking for products that come our way from top brands, there are other companies that do their best to come in with worthy products. Say, what are the most popular brands you will focus on when buying a new Bluetooth earphone? Now tell us how much they cost. We are sure they will cost a fortune. For all those cases when you have to pay too much for common earbuds, we are recommending to take a look at the ACIL H1, which has been launched recently and now it has got a discount.


Honestly, we have managed to introduce you a special offer that will help you to get your hands on the ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds for free or for discounted price tags. As for now, this offer is still ON. But we are recommending to get acquainted with the key features of the ACIL H1. Otherwise, you will think of it as a regular headphone.

The first thing you should always take a glance at when purchasing earbuds is the sound quality. The ACIL H1 uses a two-driver technology, namely Balanced Armature or Dynamic. The latter has a better performance in high-frequency range and provides better isolation and detailed sound. Also, the dynamic drivers have better performance in mid-low frequency and the sound signature is more coherent.

In order to deliver the best sound quality, the company has combined these two driver technologies together. As a result, these in-ear earphones not only offer a more detailed sound but also offer a more coherent and powerful sound, and are often described as ‘warm-sounding.’

Apart from this, the ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds come with a great battery life of 11 hours. The battery can be fully charged in 2 hours only. Moreover, the box includes 4 pairs of flexible liquid silicone earpieces of different size that fit comfortably and never drop from your ears. Finally, it has an IPX5 waterproof rating that lets runner and fitness spectrum sweat fully and freely.

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