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€976 with coupon for Shengmilo MX20 500W 48V 15Ah 20” E-bike 40km/h Max Speed 40-50km Mileage Range 150kg Max Load Electric Bike from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

Shengmilo MX20 Electric Bike

Shengmilo MX20 Electric Bike
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€976 €1449
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Shengmilo MX20 Urban E-bike

The 20” x 4.0-inch fat tires provide a strong grip and low resistance on roads, thus ensuring a comfortable ride on tough sand, snow, or road.

Durable Frame

Go on thrilling rides without wondering with 120kg load aluminum alloy frame.

7-Speed Shimano Transmission

You can transition between different gears according to various road conditions, which allow you to navigate uneven paths and trails with ease.

Secure Braking

Shengmilo MX20 urban e-bike comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes that offer better stability, with the motor automatically getting switched off as you brake.

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