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€35 with coupon for Cotton Smith Y-Warm Intelligent Heating Jacket Waterproof Breathable Warm Winter Men’s Heating Jacket from BANGGOOD

Cotton Smith Y-Warm Intelligent Heating Jacket

Cotton Smith Y-Warm Intelligent Heating Jacket
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€35 €299


-Built-in 0.83mm Y-Warm material, low thermal conductivity, heat insulation performance is close to that of vacuum panels.

-38-53℃ four-position intelligent heating temperature control,99% electric heat conversion efficiency.

-Plug in the power that is on, 1 second that is hot, 3 seconds to reach the highest set temperature (53 ℃).

-Carbon nanotube electric heating film, large heating area, uniform warmth.

-40W high power heating, efficient temperature lock, circulating hot air, continuous warmth.

-Support a variety of fast charging, Type-C and USB dual-head design, easy to use.

-Super breathability, rapid evaporation of water vapor.

What is Y-Warm?

Y-Warm is a new material successfully incubated by Tsinghua University, which is a disruptive revolution in the material world. The polymer superposition state material liberates the winter clothing from bloating, the 0.83MM micro-thin thickness constitutes a polymer barrier to isolate energy transfer, which can effectively insulate the hot and cold exchange, the unique internal wave-particle duality matrix structure can absorb the water vapor discharged by the body and export it out of the body, and the good quick-drying property allows the liquid molecules to pass quickly and volatilize, the superposition state material makes the winter clothing thickness 50% lower, but the warmth effect can be doubled.

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