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€1207 with coupon for DAJA Mr Carve M1 10W Optical Fiber Marking Machine, 0.001mm Accuracy, 70*70mm, for Nameplate Stainless Steel Marking from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

DAJA M1 10W Optical Fiber Marking Machine

DAJA M1 10W Optical Fiber Marking Machine
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€1252 €1799


Portable Design

Low requirements for working space, easy to use and carry

High Engraving Efficiency

It is suitable for industrial batch production and can be used for various industrial production scenarios (domestic and commercial)

Suitable for Various Occasions

* All metal materials and plastics, such as electrical appliances, Electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone

communication components, chips

* Paint materials, such as paint metal paint wood paint plastic paint paper paint glass, etc

* Good marking effect of leather acrylic

* Highlight the features and advantages of this product (such as very small text, barcode, QR code, automatically added part number, vector diagram, etc.) and meet the needs of industrial automation

High-Precision Focusing

Equipped with electric lifting, visual double red light laser polymerization, high-precision focusing. and the operation area is clearly and accurately adjusted, the focusing is simple and convenient

Laser Direction Control

The direction of the laser parallel to the carrier plane can be adjusted before and after. It is not limited by the volume and shape of carved objects. and more flexible and can operate more objects of different shapes


1064nm infrared end-pumped solid-state laser is adopted, which can not see the laser, It is safer to use. and the body will not hurt the human body if it directly contacts the laser.

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