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ILIFE V60 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V60 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Gyroscope with Balance and Direction
The three-axis gyroscope on the machine can detect the angle change in the direction to determine the machine’s orientation, which is used to determine whether the machine is tilted or whether there is a sudden collision.
Anti-tangle Suction Mouth
Equipped with an anti-tangle suction mouth, V60 Pro can clean the pet hair easily without hair entanglement problems.
i-Dropping Technology
The water tank stops dispensing water while the robot is stopping, which can avoid mechanical overload and floor damage.
NIDEC Brushless Motor
Equipped with a brushless motor, it has higher suction and lower noise, especially when the vacuum is mopping.
Max 1000Pa Suction
There are two suction modes for you to choose from. The standard mode is 500Pa, while the max mode can reach 1000Pa.
Longer Endurance
With a 2400mAh large battery, the working time is up to 80-100 minutes, which can cover a clean area of up to 150 square meters, saving the time of changing the cleaning area and maintaining battery life.
Advanced Sensors
Cliff detection sensors prevent V60 Pro from falling downstairs.
Flexible side wheels can not only turn freely but also easily cross the barriers often found in the home such as doorsteps, carpets, and so on.

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