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LIECTROUX WS-108 Electric Window Cleaner Robot

LIECTROUX WS-108 Electric Window Cleaner Robot
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€188 €299

Main Features:

● Artificial Intelligence Memory Function: LIECTROUX WS-1080 has original memory function which means after wiping.It wll automatically return to the original spot where it starts cleaning.

● APP Control: You can control LIECTROUX WS-1080 window cleaning robot through the moble APP. The operation interface is simple and easy to understand.

● One Button Control: LIECTROUX WS-1080 can be controlled wirelessly under 2.4G network and it possesses with strong penetration and 15 meters effective operating distance.

● Window Frame Motion Sensing System: Highly sensitive and accurate distance measurement of LIECTROUX WS-1080 enables it to automatically detect the edge of windows.

● Newly Equipped with Intelligent Control System: Equipped with comprehensive artificial intelligent imported chip, six-axis acceleration sensor and super strong drive design.

● Super Practicality: The upgraded pressure sensitivity of LIECTROUX WS-1080 enables it to deal with multiple complicated cleaning environment.

● Large Vacuum Suction: LIECTROUX WS-1080’s 2800pa vacuum suction, vertical load bearing capacity of 7500g and special track effectively increases the friction between the glass and the machine.

● 360°Guide Wheels: Original guide wheel design.smooth corners without stuck,Super Thin Machine Body is More Agile,360°Guide Wheels Can Turn Freely
● Imported Brushless Motor: Strong power, strong suction, low noise, long service life, high rotation speed. And it also possesses 5.2m/s working speed.
● Low Noise: The noise during the whole cleaning operation of LIECTROUX WS-1080 is about 60db so it does not affect

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