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€220 with coupon for Shunzao Z11 Max Upright Vacuum Cleaner 26000Pa 125000rpm 60 Mins Runtime LED Display Five-Layer Filtration System Isolated Dust Dumping Design Anti-Winding Floor Brush from EU CZ warehouse BANGGOOD

Shunzao Z11 Max Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shunzao Z11 Max Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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€220 €299
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Main Features:

● Complete All Cleaning Tasks with Strong Power: The 150AW strong suction power can ensure the absolute cleanliness. The motor has a rotational speed of up to 125,000 RPM its super power can absorb stubborn stains, and the vacuum degree of 26,000Pa can remove the fine dust thoroughiy.

● New Upgrade More Compact & Practical: Z11 MAX is equipped with a new electric anti-winding floor brush, which has been completely upgraded on the original basis. The smaller size of the floor brush makes it both compact in appearance, and more flexible and convenient in use.

● New Two-stage Synergistic Multi-cone Arrangement: The double-layer cone arrangement is used to make full use of the intemal space, which further improves the dust and gas separation effect, and obtains the no suction loss effect under EU standard.

● Avoids Contact with Dirt: One-handed one -button operation. The dust cup will automatially bounce up to a distance of about 4 cm, dumping the dirt instantly. This design really free our hands and face from the dirt.

● Five-Layer Filtration System: It introduces 5-level filtering system to filter the dust as small as 0.3 micron, ensuring clean and pollution-free discharged air.

● Deal with Dirt at Height Easily: The overall counterweight method has been optimized, which brings the center of gravity of the whole machine closer to the hand, allowing easy lfting operations.
● Updated Motor of Electric Mite Brush: It can deeply absorb dust mites on the surface and deep layer of bedclothes and sheets and effectively drive away allergens.
● 60-minute Long Battery Life: The lithium-ion battery pack can provide long battery life of 60 minutes in low- speed mode, sufficient even for a large house.
● Multiple Brush Heads Options for Multiple Scenes: Applicable to all types of floors such as Wood Floor, Floor Tile, Carpet, etc.

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