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Magmove 700C Electric Bike For Female

Magmove 700C Electric Bike For Female
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€1763 €2999

Main Features

Powerful and Upgrade Bafang Motor

MAGMOVE city electric bike is powered by a Bafang 250W mid-mounted motor, it maximizes the balance of the bicycle while obtaining more power and torque, the overall of the electric bicycle and the riding experience are better, max speed 25km/h = 15.6mph, it can easily climb 30° steep inclines and is very suitable for long-distance cycling.

SHIMANO 8 transmission Gear System

MAGMOVE electric bike equipped with Shimano 8-speed transmission gear, it is adapt to different road conditions. When changing gears, it is sensitive and does not drop the chain. It is more labor-saving to adjust the gear down when going uphill, and it is safer to move up the gear when going downhill.

Large Capacity Hidden Detachable Battery

MAGMOVE e-bike is built in a 36V/13Ah lithium battery, it supports 40km to 60km riding. The removable battery design makes you charge it separately or on the frame, equipped with a smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only needs 5-6 hours. The BMS (Battery Management System) protects the battery in all aspects and prolongs its service life.

2 Riding Modes and 5 Speed

MAGMOVE electric bicycle supports pedal assist mode(support 40-60km mileage)- the speedometer shows 1-5 gears, the higher the gear, the less effort is required. Pedal mode likes a normal bicycle, you can enjoy a long time trip with any mode according to your needs, combining 2 modes would be a better choice.

Safety and Comfortable Riding Experience

Front and rear dual hydraulic disc brakes, LED headlight and taillight make riding safer, Bafang mid-mounted motor design, 28″ pneumatic tires, front suspension and ergonomic non-slip handle let you have a comfortable riding experience, it is suitable for most round-trip commuting scenarios and short-distance trips.

Suitable for Different Height People

MAGMOVE Electric Bicycle is made of aluminum alloy, quality and durable, max load 150 kg, with the adjustable seat, it is suitable for people height from 160-195 cm.

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