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€188 with coupon for LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser Map Navigation Sweeping Mopping 3000Pa Suction 450ml Electric Water Tank 4500mAh Long Battery Life from EU warehouse TOMTOP

LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€188 €399

Main Features:

● Laser Navigation 

360° whole house positioning, fast scanning, build maps efficlently and precisely.

● APP Visual Maps

The Map of the Whole House is Displayed in Front of You No need of complicated steps, just fingers’ clicks to give the instructions of the cleaning modes.

● SLAM Algorithm Map Partition Flexible Customization

Artficial intellgence combined with lidar ranging, high eficient SLAM algorithm, precise generation of the whole-house maps, identification of the room areas, free adjustment of sweeping and mopping order.

● Dynamic Intelligent Z Cleaning Route Plan

When cleaning, the machine will adopt dynamic intelligent route plan according to the partitioned maps and clean each room reduce the times of turns and increase the straight line fast cleaning distance.
 450ml Micro Electric Control Air Pump Big Water Tank
Three levels of water outlet adjustment, suitable for 250m2 construction area, the floor wll dry immediately after wet mopping, wipe out the stain thoroughly.

● Deep Cleaning Strong Suction Power

Japan-imported brushless Inverter motor with high rotation speed, 3000Pa Strong Suction, three levels of suction adjustmen,low noise.

● 42 Sets of Intelligent Sensors

Anti-collision, anti-faling. twining-proof, easily cdlimbing, auto recharging and more.

● 4500mAh Long Battery Life

High energy density lithium battery enables the robot to clean a large household.

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