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€279 with coupon for TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer 255*255*260mm Printing Size Single Tool Head Monochrome Model – Standard Version from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer

TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer
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€279 €399
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[Warm Tips] The manual of XY-3 SE and the manual of laser engraving and two-color version are merged, but XY-3 SE does not include laser engraving and two-color printing.

[Compatible with a Variety of Consumables] XY-3 SE 3D Printer has TITAN extruder, it can print PLA TPU ABS PETG and so on, which is more convenient and practical.

[Advantages of Lattice Glass + TR Automatic Leveling Sensor] The lattice glass of the XY-3 SE printer has high flatness, easy to take models, strong and durable; TR automatic leveling sensor can detect opaque materials (including metals).

[Features of TMC Mute Motherboard] TMC ultra-quiet driver reduces noise, provide a quiet printing environment for you.[More Stable Operation] Z-axis double screw with timing belt, synchronization surpasses the old version, and enhances printing accuracy.

TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer with Titan

TRONXY XY-3 SE 3D Printer is a new machine of TRONXY 3D printer. It is easy to assemble. You can successfully assemble it in five minutes and start your 3D printing journey.

NOTE: The manual integrates the instructions for the three machines. This version does not include two-color printing and laser engraving.


Shovel, Wrench, Allen wrench*4, Slotted screwdriver, T-shaped hexagon wrench, Reader with SD card, Hot end

Advantages of TITAN Extruder

XY-3 SE 3D printer is equipped with TITAN extruder, which can print PLA TPU ABS PETG, etc., which is more convenient and practical. And XY-3 SE has good synchronization, stable operation and high printing accuracy, which is conducive to printing a perfect model

Silent Motherboard

XY-3 SE has a super silent driver chip, which greatly reduces the noise during the printing process and provides you with a comfortable printing environment

Lattice Glass

Lattice Glass adopts high-quality frosted special material coating, which makes it easier to take the model, has high adhesion, is convenient to clean, and has a long service life

TR Automatic Leveling Sensor

The newly upgraded automatic leveler can sense glass, metal and opaque materials, and is suitable for any printer model of TRONXY.

What’s in the box?

Upper bracket and Base
Filament bracket
Lattice glass
Lattice glass clamp
Power line
USB cable
10m PLA
HM4*10 8PCS

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