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€236 with coupon for LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3 In 1 Vacuuming Sweeping and Mopping Laser Navigation 6500Pa Suction 5000mAh Battery Voice Control Breakpoint Resume Clean & Mapping APP Control from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

LIECTROUX ZK901 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€236 €399
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Micro Electric Control + AirPump

450ml big water tank, three levels of adjustment, even penetration, fast mopping, the floor will dry immediately after wet mopping, and the floor will not be harmed.

Auto-Recharging & Breakpoint Continuous Cleaning

When the machine has less than 20% electricity during cleaning, the machine will go back to its charging station to charge itself. 

When the machine charges itself to reach 80% electricity, it will go back to the point where it stops last time to continue cleaning. 

By doing so, it can avoid missing cleaning and repeated cleaning. 

No manual intervention is needed during the whole process.

Humanized Multiple Sets of Sensors

Anti-collision, Anti-falling, Twining-proof, Easily climbing.

Deep Cleaning

6500Pa Strong Suction, three levels of suction adjustment, focus cleaning, strong vacuuming, excellent mopping.

Memory Cleaning

As the robot memorizes where has been cleaned and where has not.

It will make up the missing area and the edge of the wall then no part is missing and the hole is cleaned thoroughly.

AI Smart Partition

The robot vacuum will do a partition cleaning scheme and calculate the size of the room automatically.

Easy to Install

No need to put the robot vacuum cleaner upside down but just insert the dustbin or the water tank into the bottom of the robot vacuum then the installation is in place.

Big Capacity Dustbin with Double Filters Inside

The dustbin is easy to pick up, easy to clean, and easy to use. 

It has a big capacity and possesses a double filtration function with the primary filter and HEPA filter inside.

5000mAh Li-ion Battery

About 280 m cleaning square meters + 5000mAh electricity, big dustbin big electricity capacity, dual effect long battery life.

V-Shaped Brush of Floating and Anti-Twining

The floor joint and carpet edge are where dust hides and are hard to clean. 

V-shaped floating roller brush collects the dust by clinging to the floor to do the fluctuate cleaning and at the same time to prevent the second pollution.

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