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ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ABIR X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Product Description:
* Wifi APP Controlled (Weback APP)
* Lidar + SLAM Dual Location
– 5cm-8m Radar Range
– Real-Time Object Detection Scans and Maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans according to Map in just 3-4 seconds;
* Smart Electric-Controlled Water Tank(Electric Pump Controlled)
– AI Chip to control water’s permeation, allows water to flow only during movement.
– 3 levels permeation speed for your choice.
* Hand Draw Virtual Wall on APP
* Hand Draw Cleaning Area on APP
* Hand Draw Restricted Area on APP
* Save History Map- 3 maps to save
* Breakpoint Resume Cleaning
* Real-Time Position
* TOF Boarder Sensors
* Laser Head Anti-Jam Design
* Remote Controller
* Automatic Detection of soft &hard ground systems to improve product path stability and cleaning coverage.

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