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Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer

Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer
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€229 €399
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Main Features: 

● 220 x 220 x 250mm print size
● Filament run-out detection, Power failure function
● With TFT colorful touch screen, easy to operate.
● Short-range driver extruder, volcanic nozzle. Feed fluently, and support flexible filament.
● Dual z-axis design. The stability is improved under high-speed movement.
● High-quality accessories- ultra-quiet stepper driver, high precision magnetic limit switch, exclusive Z-axis coupler.
● Suuport USB/TF off-line print.
● Installation is easier and quicker to install
● A power adapter is available. 110v or 220v for choose. Suitable for users in most parts of the world.

Please note: the type and quantity of the accessories included in the package are subject to the pictures on this page, the accessory info in the user manual may not be accurate because it has not been updated.

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