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Midea M7 Pro Sweeping And Mopping 2 In 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Midea M7 Pro Sweeping And Mopping 2 In 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€175 €399
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Midea M7 Pro Sweeping and Mopping 2 In 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

500 high-frequency vibrations per minute to mop the floor

Compared to other robot mops that only slightly wipe the floor, the M7pro has a more efficient cleaning ability.

4000PA strong suction, use Nidec BLDC advanced motor

4000PA large suction power, with high-frequency vibration mop, comprehensive cleaning. Use Nidec BLDC advanced motor, optimize the air duct design, the air volume is more powerful.

30 groups of sensors, intelligently perceive the environment

Perceive complex environments in all directions and avoid danger.
Automatically identify steps, 3000+ escape solutions, automatically identify obstacles,
When the robot hits a carpet, it automatically increases the suction power to MAX mode.

Long working hours for 180 minutes

5200mAh large capacity battery, it can clean a 250 square meter house.

Bilateral brush design, it is easier to collect dust

The double-sided brush design collects dust.
The floating V-shaped main brush can clean the floor fan for deep cleaning.

APP intelligent control, WIFI remote control

Automatically save the card, you can customize the cleaning mode, automatic partition, manual partition, area name.
Designate the cleaning area, start regularly, and deep clean (repeat the room 3 times).
APP set restricted area, virtual wall to prevent robots from entering dangerous areas.
WIFI + Bluetooth dual-frequency remote control,even when you are not at home, you can still remotely control it.

Several modes of operation

1. Vibration wiping mode
2. Sweeping and wiping at the same time
3. Floor sweeping mode
4. Four suction mode adjustments.

65dB low noise operation

Add three noise reduction designs, the sound is comfortable and not annoying.

Automatically back to the charging base

When the charging is complete, it will automatically return to complete the cleaning task.

3 water level setting modes

220 square meters can be cleaned easily.

Three-layer dust filter

Nylon mesh + sponge + HEPA filter
Purify the air to avoid second pollution.

450ML large capacity dust box

Easily climb 2cm in height.

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