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€186 with coupon for Punos PS-26 Pro Professional KTV Audio Speaker Set 250W Integrated 3D Surround Theater Karaoke Sound 5.1 bluetooth Soundbar Intelligent Vocal Canceller 10 Gear Adjustment HIFI Speakers Wooden Double Bass with Two Wireless Microphone from BANGGOOD

Punos PS-26 Pro Professional KTV Audio Speaker Set

Punos PS-26 Pro Professional KTV Audio Speaker Set
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€186 €499

Main Features:

● Innovative Integrated Design: The HI-FI sound acoustic architecture is used, which integrates high, medium, and woofer, power amplifier, and surround sound in one, and it does not occupy any space.

● Three-way Audio: Equipped with independent tweeter, midrange and woofer speakers, each speaker unit has its own independent drive amplifier, and the amplifier performs three-way electronic frequency division.

● Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The microphone has a built-in Rechargeable lithium battery, which can sing for 8-10 hours per charge. The lithium battery is safer, environmentally friendly and has a long life.

● Professional Performance-grade Wireless Microphone: High-fidelity sound pickup mark with heart-shaped directional sound pickup technology, intelligent noise reduction.

● DSP Dual-effect Sound Microphone: The microphone has a built-in DSP chip, and intelligently modifies the vocals and accompaniment at the same time,and sounds more magnetic.

● Boom Out 12inch Subwoofer Sound: Dual subwoofer comes with independent sound cavity, and double inverting tube, the sound is more surging.

●  8 Custom HIFI Speakers: 10 sounding units, the peak power can reach 250W, the sound effect is more shocking, and it is more stable and durable.

● Wireless Connections: Only one cable is required to connect the TV and speaker, and the automatic wireless connection between 2 microphones and speaker is very convenient.
● bluetooth Connection: Switch the signal source to Bluetooth mode on the remote control or touch screen, and then click on the Bluetooth list of the phone to connect. 
● Multi-device Interface: Supports interfaces including AUX IN, optical OPT, HDMI, USB (supports lossless music APE, WAV, FLAC, WMA and MP3 formats),Coaxial COA, bluetooth connection, most TVs, projectors, computers, and mobile phones can connection.

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