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Roborock Q7 Max LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock Q7 Max LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€294 €599
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Roborock Q7 Max LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner (EU Version)

Upgraded 4200Pa Super Suction

Drag away dirt hiding in your carpets and lift off debris hiding in floorboard cracks with a maximum suction power of 4200Pa.

Vacuum & Mop 2-in-1

Q7 Max can vacuum and mop floor thanks to its 470ml dustbin and 350ml water tank design. Features 300g Mopping Pressure.

Precision PreciSense LiDAR

Roborock’s PreciSense LiDAR system is the brains behind your robot’s extraordinary ability to find the most efficient way to clean throughout your home.

The maps it creates power a suite of features controlled in the Roborock app.

Extra-large Dustbin and Water Tank

A 2 in 1 design of 470ml* dustbin and 350ml* water tank can be maintained conveniently and less often.

Multi-Surface Effectiveness

Multi-directional floating all-rubber main brush stays closer. All-rubber brush adds durability and improves resistance to hair tangling.

Comprehensive App Control

You can see exact mopping and vacuuming routes, set cleaning schedules, adjust water flow, no-mop zones, virtual wall and more with APP.

3D Mapping

Take a new look at your home and get a clearer understanding of your layout with 3D Mapping.
You can even add furniture and floor materials to create a more accurate representation of your home.

Keep Kids & Pets Safe

Curious kids and clumsy pets might accidentally start a clean with the push of a button.
Stop that from happening with the Child Lock.

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