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ROBOROCK H7 vacuum cleaner

ROBOROCK H7 vacuum cleaner
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Extreme 160AW Suction

Extreme suction, generated by a multi-layer impeller, drags dirt from deep inside carpets, beds, car seats, and more.

Ultra Long-lasting

An immensely powerful 80Wh Lithium Polymer battery provides 90-minutes of non-stop cleaning in Eco and 8-minutes in Max mode.

Extensive Air Filtration

Incoming air is forced through five layers of filtration, multiple cyclones, and dual filters, including a HEPA filter, to capture 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Eliminate Pollutants and Allergens

A five-stage air purification system filters up to 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

Only clean air escapes.

Dust Bag Support

Swap in a dust bag to get cordless vacuum ease of use while keeping the dustbin clean and avoiding leaks when emptying.

Keeps Cleaning Longer 

H7 maintains constant suction throughout your clean, no matter if your dustbin is full or if your battery is almost empty.

Constant Suction Power

The constant suction multi-cyclone design keeps suction consistently strong throughout each cleanup.

Featherweight Design

Weighing just 1.46kg (3.2lbs)*, the vacuum body is easily lifted to up high areas, carried around the house, and out to the car.

Clear OLED Screen

Positioned for easy viewing, a clear OLED display shows current mode, remaining charge, and more.

Convenient Power Lock

Keep suction going without holding down the trigger, so your fingers can take a break.

Long Battery Life

Able to maintain 85% of its power after 400 charging cycles.


Unpleasant noise is minimized by a noise dampening chamber and advanced airflow control, then further reduced by the rear filter.

Removable Dustbin and Filters

Keep things truly clean with a dustbin that is easily removed and washed. No more caked-on dirt.

Carpet Boost Mode

Adopted from Roborock robot vacuums Boost Mode automatically increases suction when a carpet is detected for a more thorough clean.

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