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Baseus 150PSI Digital Car Air Compressor

Baseus 150PSI Digital Car Air Compressor
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Feature:1.TPMS Digital Display, Seeing is Believing. LED digital displays to show tire pressure with one touch2. Smart Preset Tire Pressure, Automatic Stop when Top up. Precise inflation after presetting tire pressure, automatic stop when reaching the right pressure. Over-inflation and under-inflation protection for a novice.3.Dual Mode Tire Pressure Setting for Flexible Adjustment. Except for smart preset tire pressure, tire pressure can also be manually adjusted accordingly for safer driving.4.Built-in Lighting for Nighttime Use. No need to use a light for inflation at night, easier and safer to use.5.Pure Copper Permanent Magnet Motors, Powerful and Stable. The permanent magnet motor with pure copper winding has strong power and high efficiency and the all-metal pressurized cylinder can provide enough power for inflation of car tires, plus heat-resistant PA66 GF33 piston rods to stabilize the body and avoid cylinder blast in high speed operation.6.Powerful Energy Storage, Wireless Fast Inflation. Two built-in high-capacity 18650 lithium batteries for wireless use and fast inflation, no need to connect to a lighter.7. Multi-purpose and Well-prepared for Emergencies. Complete accessories for various needs, easy to handle emergencies.8. Double-sided Heat Dissipation to Reduce Temperature Rise. The inflator pump is equipped with a ring-shaped air outlet and connecting rod on the motor drives the fan to dissipate internal heat quickly and keep the motor running.9. One Equals to a Set. All-in-one design to integrate various accessories into one body, easy to carry and anti-lost.10. Baseus Dynamic Eye Inflator Pump: Mini body, easy to carry and inflate by one person. Old Inflator Pump: Bulky body, hard to carry and inflate.

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