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€46 with coupon for iMars 6000mAh 150PSI Digital Wireless Inflatable Air Pump Car Power Type C Dual Charging LED Tyre Inflator TP04 For Car Bike Motorcycle Ball Toy from BANGGOOD

iMars 6000mAh 150PSI Digital Wireless Inflatable Air Pump

iMars 6000mAh 150PSI Digital Wireless Inflatable Air Pump
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€46 €59

The product is a portable tire inflation pump, which is suitable for inflation of SUV, the following small car tires and ball products.

This product is safe to use, easy to operate, and equipped with high-brightness LED lighting. Please read the instructions in the manual carefully before operating.


1. Cordless LED Display Design

The LED screen shows the real-time pressure on the side so you could monitor the pressure without bending to see the bottom.

This tyre inflator’s cordless design and compact mini size make it portable and simple to operate with one hand.

2. Power supply method

Built-in 2000mAH*3 18650 battery pack can be charged, or use the vehicle 5521DC plug power cord for emergency power supply (when the built-in battery has no power)

3. This portable compressor’s certificated lithium-ion battery total 6000mAh (2000mAh*3).

4. Inflation speed

when the built-in battery is fully charged, it takes about 1 minute for bicycles, about 2 minutes for motorcycles, and more than 4 minutes for car 195/60/R14 tires

5. Fast Auto-Inflation

The tyre inflator has 4 switchable pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2) .
The tyre pump would automatically turn off when reaching the preset tire pressure.

6. Multifunction

With cordless design,allows to reach all tyres of your bicycles, motorcycles, cars (including SUVs),ball,toys.

Also equipped with nozzle adaptors for mattresses/airboat/toys/sports ball/ inflatables.

7. LED lighting at night

Whether it is on or off, press the button of the light to turn on the LED lighting.

LED lighting: 100lm (can be divided into three gear switching: long light, fast flash and SOS)

8. Power symbol

The battery power symbol is divided into three grids (three grids are displayed above 11V, two grids are displayed for 11V-10V, one grid is displayed for 10V-9V, and the battery power symbol is empty and flashes below 9V)


Product scale166*81*44MM
Product weight630G
Product materialPC
Rated voltage12.6V
Rated power100W
Maximum current<8A
Maximum air volume35L/MIN
Pressure display range3-150PSI
Maximum inflation pressure130PSI (road bike)
Pressure accuracy±1.5%PSI
Operating temperature-20 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius
Charging cable5V2A Type-C (100CM)

Packing List
①1x iMars TPO4 Electric Pump
②1x Inflation Tube 
③Car Power Cable 
④1x Type-C Charging Cable
⑤1x Product pouch
⑥1 x User Manual
⑦Multifunctional Air Nozzle Combination

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