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€536 with coupon for Loskii LK-PS32 Portable Outdoor Power Station Battery Generator 100-240V 270000mAh/1000Wh Camping Solar Generator Emergency Energy Supply LCD Display for Outdoor Camping from EU CZ warehouse BANGGOOD

Loskii LK-PS32 Portable Outdoor Power Station

Loskii LK-PS32 Portable Outdoor Power Station
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€536 €699

Main Features:

● No Noise: Adopting a new generation of refrigeration system and using imported high-end solution to ensure smooth operation, high efficiency.

● Meet The Power Supply Needs of a Variety of Equipment: Equipped with four different interfaces: AC, DC, USB, car charger, and USB-C. It provides two different voltage outputs of AC and DC. In addition, it is also equipped with top control schemes such as PD fast charging, QC fast charging, MPPT, etc., and it is supplied with a variety of equipment. 

● Multiple Charging Methods: Equipped with MPPT solar charging and high-power mains charging, in addition to vehicle charging.

● No Damage to Equipment: The AC output sine wave transformer, it can be used for plugging in the mains power under 500 watts. Offline power supply, more stable than the grid.

 Automotive Grade Batteries (Electric Vehicles): The electronic and physical hardware are double protected to avoid dangers such as overcharge and short circuit. The BMS system protects the battery cell, and its life span is 80% longer than that of ordinary power supplies.

 Digital Display LED: Display the remaining time, output power and other screen displays, which are clear at a glance

● Office or Home Electricity: It can supply power to office appliances such as computers or printers, and can also be used in household appliances, such as televisions, speakers, rice cookers and other household appliances.

● Outdoor Lighting or Picnic: It is suitable for outdoor camping or camping groups. At night, it can use solar power for lighting during the day. It can also be used for cooking and other functions.
● Emergency Rescue: Suitable for various tools and instruments. Portable power is needed at the scene of an emergency, such as some disasters such as typhoons and rains.
 Low Radiation: Strict circuit design, the system adopts various designs for absorbing harmful electromagnetic waves, all PCB high-frequency loops are minimized, and the radiation conforms to Japanese standards.

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