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€459 with coupon for Spetime S5 Pro Electric Scooter 500W Motor with Seat and Cargo Carrier 12 Inch Pneumatic Tire Up to 40Km/h from EU warehouse GSHOPPER

Spetime S5 Pro Electric Scooter

Spetime S5 Pro Electric Scooter
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€459 €699


12 inches pneumatic tire has increased grip and provides a smooth riding experience on uneven terrains.

The tire with liner is puncture-proof from thorns, nettles, etc. Help you conquer all terrains.

4 LED front white lights allow for long range of sight; basket for cargo storage.

500w brushless electric motor, rides up to 40-45km/h, climbs a 12degree ascent, and cruises as long as 30-40km.

The saddle padded with four-sided frosted cushion will eliminate road vibrations and give you more comfort in saddle.

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