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XIAOMI Mi Smart Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S

XIAOMI Mi Smart Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S
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– Asymmetric forward projection, no screen reflection, more comfortable for eyes

The custom-made optical lens casts the light forward, only illuminating the desktop work area, not the screen.

– Excellent Ra95 high color rendering

Restore “Wonderful Vision” at night. There is no visual flicker, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue.

– Hang it easily, leaving more space for you

Suspended design, compared with traditional desk lamps, does not take up the area of your table and saves more space.

*This product is suitable for monitors or bezels with a thickness of ≤32mm, can be adapted to fish screen, curved screen, etc. Monitors with a thickness of 10-32mm can be clamped for use. The monitors with a thickness of <10mm are mainly pulled by the counterweight. This product is not suitable for laptops.

– Exclusive Bluetooth remote control, more freedom without restriction

Color temperature, brightness stepless adjustment, personalized custom lighting mode. Just press it to turn it on instantly.

– Double protection design to keep away from direct glare

25 ° magnetic angle adjustment + micro-etched soft light cover, two-pronged approach, say “bye bye” to the dazzling glare.

– Illumination upgrade, illuminate the keyboard and mouse working area

The customized lens forwards the light, and at the same time guarantees higher illumination of the keyboard and mouse working area.

– Type-C power supply, more adaptation and more convenient

It can be connected to an adapter/a mobile power supply/ or  a computer USB interface for power supply.

*Please use the original power cord, do not use a USB extension cord or a splitter, otherwise it may cause the lamp to work abnormally.

– New smart upgrade, more possibilities for linkage

When someone rings the doorbell, the hanging light flashes to remind. This kind of fun linkage can be customized as you like.

*You can set the Mi Light Bar 1S to intelligently link with other devices in the smart scene of the Mi Home APP.

How to Reset Mi Smart Computer Monitor Light Bar 1S:

Unplug and plug the light bar 5 times within 7 seconds (each unplugging and plugging operation counts as one). The light will start breathing and automatically light up, which indicates that it has been reset successfully.

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