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Chopping Knife 4Cr13 Stainless Steel Knife Chopping Bone Knife – 2 Knives Set

XIAOMI Forging Cutting & Slicing Knife Set
€26 €100

Description :

XIAOMI Forging Cutting & Slicing Knife Set Chopping Knife 4Cr13 Stainless Steel Knife Chopping Bone  

 [ Sharp And Labor-saving & Durable ] : A high-quality knife is a cooking tool for every Cooker. It is like cutting meat, such as cutting tofu. The knife is smooth and there is no resistance. Every generation of casting cutters hopes to forge a sharp, light, labor-saving and durable knife

– [  Repeated Forging, Scientific Quenching ] : The hardness of 4Cr13 stainless steel is usually between 50-53HRC. The carbide distribution of the steel after forging process is uniform. Under the observation of metallographic analysis and microstructure, different chemical molecules are fused, infiltrated and blended, after reasonable quenching. Tempered, the hardness of the blade can reach 55-57HRC
– [ Strict 52 Procedures ] : From steel material selection, to forging of knife blanks, molds for tool holders, packaging design, each knife has been polished for 52 times..
– [ V-shaped Blade & Thick Back & Thin Blade  ] : The Thick-back & Hollowed Knife is about 14.8% more physics than the same type of flat chopper, reducing the mass of the normal shape of the blade by about 13.5%. The unique thick knife back moves the center of gravity upwards, making the tool slightly heavier with drooping force. Instead, it uses force to make the tool smoother and easier.

Specification :

Material 4Cr13 Stainless Steel
Hardness 55 ± 2HRC
Color Silver
Slicing Knife Size : 31.5 x 9 cm
Weight : 397g
Cutting Bone Knife Size : 30 x 9 cm
Weight : 468g

Package Includes :

1 x XIAOMI Knife
2 x XIAOMI Knives

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