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LEFEET S1 PRO Ultimate Modular Water Scooter

LEFEET S1 PRO Ultimate Modular Water Scooter
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Compact Size
With our Good Design Award-winning shape, we made the size 5% smaller than the original S1, allowing more room in your backpack.
More Powerful
14% increase in power, now with 8kg/18lbs of thrust. Yes, it’s faster.
Increased Run Time
Brand new motor for S1 Pro has increased efficiency, creating 16% more run time. Battery is fully airline compliant, can run continuously for up to 70 minutes, and can be exchanged in just a few seconds.
40 Meters Depth Rating
The most reliable waterproof design on the market allows you to enjoy the underwater world down to a depth of 40 meters.
Wireless Control
The effective distance of the remote control not be less than 150cm when using underwater.
Modular Design
Countless accessories for limitless applications, unlock your diving potential.

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