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€56 with coupon for BlitzWolf®BW-VD2 External Blu-Ray DVD Player USB3.0+Type-C With Storage Capacity For WIN/MAC from EU CZ warehouse BANGGOOD

BlitzWolf®BW-VD2 External Blu-Ray DVD Player

BlitzWolf®BW-VD2 External Blu-Ray DVD Player
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€56 €99


1. Support Blue-ray Recording and Playback, Blu-ray DVD presents more high definition image than normal DVD.

2. Blu-ray recorder can read Blu-ray and ordinary optical disc, downward compatible with DVD, VCD, CD and other formats.

3. USB3.0 + Type-C Ports, Fast Transmission; Up to 5Gbps transmission, Ensure stable and speedy working performance. 

4. Plug and play now, Just set up DVD/CD, connect USB to computer/laptop. 

5. Elegant Style + Attractive Light; Layers of water waves design makes the product more eye-catching.

6. Compatible with laptop, desktop PC,for Mac, for MacBook Air/Pro, Windows XP/7/8/10 and for Mac OS.

7. High Quality, Perfect Performance; Latest HD Recording Technology.

7. Portable to carry for business trip.

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