€664 with coupon for Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer Build Volume 200*148*150mm from EU warehouse GEEKMAXI

€664 €899
€664 with coupon for Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer Build Volume 200*148*150mm from EU warehouse GEEKMAXI
€664 with coupon for Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer Build Volume 200*148*150mm from EU warehouse GEEKMAXI
€664 €899

shipping worldwide

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Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer
shipping worldwide
€664 €899

Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer Build volume  200*148*150mm

Heated platform enables a wide range of filament compatibility: PLA, ABS, Pearl PLA, ABS Pro, PVA, HIPS, PETG.

Independent dual extruders make it possible to produce a clean, dual color print and double productivity under duplicate mode.

Free FlashForge developed powerful slicing software “FlashPrint” is fully compatible with Creator Pro 2.

Large build volume: 200*148*150mm

Simple bits of assembly for the quick start-up: set up and start printing within minutes after some small manual assembly.

Independent dual extruders: enable diverse 3d printing modes including Mirror Mode, Duplicate Mode, Dual Filament Printing Mode, and Dual Color Printing Mode.

3.5-inch touchscreen: set up dual extrusion FDM 3d printing accurately and quickly.

Anti-scrape design: ensures final 3d objects with clean neat smooth surface, extend build plate life span, and lower maintenance cost.

Open 3D slicer support: FlashPrint allows easy 3d slicing for quick and better printing. Other software apps, such as SolidWorks, 3D Max, are supported.

Wide 3d printing materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, etc. Creator Pro 2 prints with water-soluble filament PVA, etc.

Support 2 spool filament plates in the back, more convenient for dual printing. For quick 3d printing startup. 2 spools of Flashforge PLA filament (1000g/roll) will be sent together with the printer for FREE.

Handle design for easy machine moving.

Diverse 3D Printing Modes

The IDEX allows Creator Pro 2 3d prints via mirror, duplicate, dual filament and dual-color modes. It is a dual-color 3d printer. That saying, you can print models at half the time compared to traditional 3d printers, with open options on filaments and color combination. Dual extruder 3d printer is a saver for 3d printing creative objects.

Anti-scrape Design

Avoid any scrapes during 3d printing process, ensures clean color presentation and smooth printing results.

Simple Touchscreen Interface

Creator Pro 2’s 3.5-inch touchscreen makes 3d object printing easier, more efficient, and responsive.

Creator Pro 2 3d print guide: send 3d model files by SD Card, feed-in filament, tap touchscreen to set up 3d printing, preheat build platform, and start printing.

Wide Materials Compatibility

With an extruder up to 200℃ and a heating build plate up to 120℃, Creator Pro 2 prints with PLA, ABS, PVA, PETG materials.

Better yet, you can adjust the chamber for specific material printing. Open the front door and remove the top cover for PLA 3D printing. Or simply close the front door and top cover to build a closed chamber for better ABS printing.

Simple and Functional 3D Printing Support: FlashPrint

Offering full slicing settings and features such as model cutting, dimensional compensation, treelike and linear supports, FlashPrint is a powerful yet easy 3d printing software for beginners and experienced users.

Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer Application

Designers and engineers use Creator Pro 2 to print product prototype, especially when working on complicated parts for consumer electronics. Its independent dual extruder helps reduce prototype time to days, even hours, on real significance achieves quick prototype. Check out some sample prints by Creator Pro 2.

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