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FAFREES 20F054 Electric Bike

FAFREES 20F054 Electric Bike
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Main Features:

  • 250W powerful motor boasts a top speed of 25km/h and tackles 30° hills with ease.
  • 10AH lithium battery enables 45 – 55km cruising range in pure electric mode, 80 – 100km in power assist mode on a full charge.
  • LCD meter with backlight displays speed, trip distance, mode, battery power.
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar height suit different user heights. Max. load: 120kg.
  • 7-speed gears adapt to varieties of terrain conditions.
  • Super bright LED headlight illuminates the darkness, keeping a rider safe at night.
  • 20-inch wheels allow riders to experience maximum traction and a smooth ride.
  • Foldable handlebar, frame, and pedals make it convenient to carry the bike or store it in a car trunk.
  • Great personal vehicle for urban, commuting, short trip, shopping, and daily use.
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