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€69 with coupon for TOPSHAK TS-HPW2 2000PSI Car Pressure Washer 1600W 380L/H Electric Pressure Washer with 3 Modes, Detergent Tank Ideal for Cleaning Home, Car, Garden from EU ES warehouse BANGGOOD

TOPSHAK TS-HPW2 2000PSI Car Pressure Washer

TOPSHAK TS-HPW2 2000PSI Car Pressure Washer
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€69 €199

Main Features:

  ● 1600W Strong Motor

      Produce up to 2000PSI at 380L/h for superior cleaning power and remove dirt within seconds.

  ● Adjustable Nozzle Pressure

      Twisting the nozzle to vary the strength of the water jet.

  ● Dual Water Intake Ways

      Allow long-distance work and free water intake is not limited by water source.

 ● Telescoping Handle + Flexible Wheels

      Bring you a great portability and mobility experience.

  ● Convenient Storage Hook

   All accessories can be neatly placed on this storage hook

  ● Total Stop System

      Motor will stop automatically when the trigger is not engaged

  ● IPX5 Waterproof

      No need to worry about the machine being splashed

  ● Application:Wash stairs, roofs, window glass, wooden floors, concrete floors, bicycles, and heavily soiled furniture.

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